About us

Our Executive

President:   Randy Schmidt   674-6425
1st Vice:   Laurie Messmer   674-4087
2nd Vice:   Jackie Miller   674-3083
Secretary   Lynn Down   674-5076

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage improvement in agriculture and in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community by developing programs, services and facilities based on needs in the agricultural community.

In the Community

The Society owns 13 acres of property within the Town of Barrhead.
We have an outside rodeo arena with seating for 800 and a warm up pen close by.
We have a spectator parking lot adjacent to the Ag Barn plus a few designated camping spots.
We have an unheated exhibition hall used for gatherings located between the grounds and the barn.
Our Agricultural Barn is complete with amenities such as disabled or family washroom, regular washrooms, a modern concession and meeting or exhibit hall. This facility has been used for a wide range of events some of which include: Horse shows, 4-H achievement days, Beef, Horse, and multi-judging days, Bull sales, Farm equipment show and sales, Family dance, Team roping competitions, Team penning/sorting, Local horse club events.

If you would like to rent this facility please call Ken @ 780-674-5670

Barrhead Agricultural Society
BOX 4268, 4802 57 AVE
Barrhead, AB T7N 1A3

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