Facility Rental Rates

Updates effective Jan 1, 2017

Contacts for Bookings

Ken or Evelyn: 780-674-5670
Ken Cell: 780-674-1941
Evelyn Cell: 780-674-0979
Laurie Cell: 780-305-9137

Ag Barn Meeting Room

$20 hour
$45 meeting (up to 4 hours)
$75 day (up to 8 hours)
$200 Janitor Fee (mandatory refundable upon satisfactory inspection)

$30 Kitchen Fee (Day)
$50 Kitchen Fee (with Grill)
$75 Kitchen Fee (With Deep Fryer & Grill)

Ag Barn Rates

$50 Hour (Minimum 2 Hours)
$400 1st Day
$300 2nd Day
$10 Per Horse for Open Riding

Barrhead Ag Grounds Rental Rates

$150 Day - Outside Grounds (Includes Bathroom Access)
$10 Day - Power for Individuals
$20 Day - Power for Commercial

Exhibition Hall Rates

$100 Day
$30 Hour - Tractor

All Rates "Plus GST"
Note $300 clean up fee will be charged (Barn, Grounds, Outside Pens and refunded if clean-up is completed)

Rental Responsibilities

  • Provide their own janitorial services for: kitchen, bathrooms, meeting rooms, exhibition hall:
    • Clean grill, grease tray, ovens and deep fryer
    • Wash tables and wipe down counters
  • All panels and equipment set up must be taken down
  • Remove all garbage and replace garbage bags in meeting room, kitchen, bathroom, indoor arena, outside grounds
  • Harrow grounds and parking areas to spread manure
  • Clean up left over hay and grain
  • Empty water troughs
  • Report and arrange for repairs to any equipment or facilities damaged during the event
  • Tractor for arena groomer and moving of 30" panels is the responsibility of the rental group
  • If livestock is standing in the barn bedding is to be removed and sand and sawdust replaced
  • secure facilities and return keys